Hello, my name is Nete and I'm the founder of Moberry Interior.

Having two young girls, I know the difficult balance between having a tasteful home and making it practical for the entire family. This is why I have specialised getting the most out of family homes by adapting them to the needs of all ages, while keeping the aesthetics. I absolutely love to help people falling back in love with their homes and for them to realise that it doesn't take, nor cost, a lot to get a beautiful home.

Being Danish, a huge part of my DNA is around simplicity and practicality. I grew up among designer items as my granddad worked with many of the big Danish furniture brands from the 50s. As a little girl, I used to be obsessed with cleaning and organising my things. Both my orderly side and passion for beautiful design has led me to the world of interior design.

I look forward to working with lots of lovely families and to make them fall back in love with their homes.